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Mantra 2020 from Koh Phangan

Nut Gvoždík – Tropical Hype Afternoon Take Over 2

Live set from “Tropical Hype Take Over 02” @ Korat, Thailand 16.11.2019

Nut – Deep IR-2019

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Podcast Mix: Mantra 2020 from Koh Phangan

Ignat – Mantra 2020 (Koh Phangan) Style: Lounge Meditation, Ambient Deep Length: 2:12:51 About: Mantra 2020 – Musical meditation,

How to get out of the matrix and become a Buddha ?

The way to consciousness is not so simple.The story of one awakening I told through music… .. The recording was made on the most mystical island of Phangan, Thailand.



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